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• Secure attacks in all registers 
With the CERP*™ you will be able to control the full range of your instrument with the minimum effort.
• Improved air flow!
By splitting the mouthpiece in two, the CERP™ improves the air speed and flow, and by doing this, allows even a small kid to play a full fortissimo.
• Compatible with most mouthpieces models
The  CERP™ is carefully designed and handcrafted by a specially trained technician to ensure a perfect fit to most of the mouthpiece models available on the market.
• Made from the best available portuguese cork
The CERP™ is made from a 3 hundred years cork oak tree located at the Matosinhos beach in the Northwestern side of Portugal.
• Also available for trumpet and trombone. Tuba version coming soon…
The CERP™ is also available for trumpet and trombone, giving you the best sound on the market. Due to the tuba mouthpiece size, our team is currently developing a bigger version specially designed for tuba players.
• An amazing afordable price!
You will get all the described benefits at an amazingly low price.
  • The CERP ™ acronym stands for Cork Enhanced Rapid Progression