The weight of a horn has impact on the sound characteristics of the instrument but most of the time also on the back of the player. A lot of players develop problems in their back due to a very heavy horn. Of course, these problems can develop also due bad posture, a instrument not properly fit to the player or lack of regular rest.

I've decided to create this post with information I've collected from different Horn Makers as well as information sent by users. Younger players should have special care and avoid too large or heavy horns, so most of the time the right choice would be a, small wrap children horn (F or Bb), a single horn (F or Bb) or even a compensated horn. This subject should be discussed with your horn teacher, that might advise you for the best instrument, according your physical characteristics and needs.


From this list:

Single Horns: 1,5 to 1,7kg

Children horns: 1,4 to 2kg 

Vienna Horns: 1,5kg

Full Double Horns: 2,1 to 2,7kg

Full Triples Horns 2,5 ->


Maker - Model


weight (kg)

E. Schmid high F HF 1,3
Finke Compact Children Bb 1,4
Finke Single Bb Bb 1,5
M. Jiracek Vienna Horn 109D Vienna 1,5
Ulman Vienna Horn Vienna 1,5
E. Schmid  Single Bb with A-stopping valve Bb+A 1,7
Finke Single Bb + stopped valve Bb+A 1,7
Gara Single Bb (Children wrap) Children Bb 1,7
Yamaha YHR 314II Single F 1,7
E. Schmid Bb / high Eb horn with A-stopping valve Bb/HEb+A 2,0
E. Schmid Bb/high F with stopping valve Bb/HF+A 2,0
Thoman HR 101 (Single F Children wrap) Children F 2,0
E. Schmid Full Double Bb/F 2,1
M Jiracek Double (Bb/F alto) discant 107 Bb/HF 2,1
Cornford 3 S (Compensated Triple) CompTripleF 2,2
E. Schmid Compensating triple horn F/Bb/high Eb CompTripleEb 2,2
E. Schmid Compensating triple horn F/Bb/high F CompTripleF 2,2
Wilson Bb/F 2,2
E. Schmid Full Double with A stopping valve Bb/F+A 2,3
Finke Sib High F Double Descant Bb/HF 2,3
Finke Soprano Double Descant (Bb Bb) Bb/HBb 2,3
M. Jiracek Full Double 102 Bb/F 2,3
Paxman Academy Full Double Bb/F 2,3
Berg Full Double Bb/F 2,4
Conn 6d full double Bb/F 2,4
Elkhart Conn 8d full double Bb/F 2,4
Finke Full Double Bb/F 2,4
Thoman HR-302 Bb/F 2,4

Holton 177 full double


Hoyer 6801 full double Bb/F 2,5
Yamaha 664 Full Double Bb/F 2,5
E. Schmid Full triple horn F/B/ high F F/Bb/HF 2,6
E. Schmid Full triple horn F/B/ high Eb F/Bb/HEb 2,6
Yamaha 567 Full Double Bb/F 2,6
Dürk D3 full double Bb/F 2,7
Finke Full Triple F/Bb/HF 2,7
Hoyer 7802 full double Bb/F 2,7
J. Michael Full Double Bb/F 2,7
Paxman 21L (double + stopped) Bb/F+A 2,7
Alexander 103 Bb/F 2,7
Paxman 71L Full Triple with Stopping Valves F/Bb/HF+A 3,3