Published in November 2017 by Phoenix Music Publications 



Dur: ca.13min

dedicated to Lindsey Stoker

These duos are dedicated to Lindsey Stoker and were composed in July 2015 in order to celebrate our first meeting as guests at the 24th Interpretation Horn Courses in Břevnov, Prague, Czech Republic, the place where these duos were premiered. They are thought to be played both as a 13 minutes suite or individually serving as encore pieces.

1 - Wild Hunt (1'50'') - According to the folk myth, it consists on a group of ghosts that appear in the sky and are an omen of misfortune and death. This is a hunting style duo, but being based on whole tone scales it gives it a different sound, which makes it differ from the traditional hunting style music.

2 - Walking in the city (1'15'') - This duo intends to illustrate a walk through a crowded city with some stopped notes imitating car horns. 

3 - Middle Ages (1'25'') - This duo intends to transport the listener to a distant place, somewhere lost in time but around Middle Ages, a time in which there were no French horns and people played on animal horns. The 2nd horn is always muted and the mute should be used in order to obtain a contrasting sound color, but it should be played louder, in order to equalise the dynamics with the 1st horn.

4 - Caravan (2'30'') - This duo is based on a desert landscape, which a camel caravan  is passing through.

5 - The walking joke (1’15'') - There are amusing people that constantly get into trouble, and therefore are considered a walking joke. However these people are many times mocked at, I believe that we should look at their bright side as they amuse people even in the darkest moments. Unlike the non walking jokes these people are the main key of many stories and therefore never forgotten.

6 - Brazilian Dance (3’05'') - Brazil is well known by its rhythms and traditional instruments, but the horn isn’t usually included in traditionally Brazilian music. Well, this duo intends to explore the horn and its possibilities in this very peculiar music style. So, the first horn starts with sounds that are intended to imitate the “cuíca” (Brazilian traditional music instrument).

7 - Bulgarian Blues (1’15’') - When you think about the Blues, perhaps North America is the first place that comes to your mind. Well, I have a personal fascination by the Bulgarian traditional folksongs and its metrical challenges. So, I decided to compose this duo by mixing the Blues form with the Bulgarian rhythmic feeling.


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