Published in December 2022 at AvA Musical Editions 


This work is dedicated to Quarteto Assai a woodwind quartet composed of great musicians, who happen to be old friends of mine.

The title of the work was chosen in part in analogy to the name of the group, but also influenced by the rhythms of South America. In addition to playing with the name of the group to whom the work was dedicated, it represents here the expressive freedom granted to the interpreters.

This work consists of 4 movements, some of them have sections in different tempi, but they always have the word assai. Although it contains some more introspective sections, globally it is a light work, with contagious rhythms, and there is also space for the technical virtuosity of each instrument, which should always be at the service of the music. Above all, it is my intention that both interpreters and listeners have fun.

As a horn player, in one of the movements there is a small musical quote from a famous horn solo… Can you find it?