Mandatory piece for the IV Matosinhos’ International Youtube Competition

Published in November 2016 by AvA Musical Editions 

 Available digitally at nkoda


Dur: Ca.6 min

This piece was commissioned by the AJBFM - Associação Juvenil de Bandas Filarmónicas do Minho , and it is written for 13 players: 1 piccolo, 5 flutes, 11 tuned bottles. This piece was premiered by the flute players of the “Sopros do Minho 2016,”  in Barcelos, Portugal, conducted by Marco Pereira. The idea of composing for flutes and bottles came up to add lower notes that don’t exist on the flute’s range, and also because of the pedagogical aspect similarity in the tone production of both instruments. This piece is written as a fantasy, starting with a slower section only on bottles, then a piccolo solo, that is gradually followed by the appearance of all the flutes. An abrupt break directs us to an energetic mood, inspired by pirate sailing trips. Then the pirates theme, on an improvised character, gains jazzy contours and flows into a tropical ambience inspired by South-American music. By the end of the piece, among other surprises, all the flutes will be playing using only the head-joint on an animated contrapuntal frenzy.

This piece was commissioned by the AJBFM - (Barcelos, Portugal), it is scored for piccolo, 5 flute in C parts and 7 extra players playing a total of 11 tuned bottles. The premiere is scheduled for the first week of September in Barcelos (Portugal).