The piece Reflections, op.71 for horn solo was the Featured Division Winner in the 2016 International Horn Society Composition Contest.

Published in January 2017 by AvA Musical Editions 

Also available at • June Emerson 

dedicated to Luis Diz (1st prize winner of the III Matosinhos’ International Youtube Competition)
Premiere: January 23th, 2017 at the Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal 


The entire world is crying! From time to time, the story repeats itself and man faces, again and again, the sadness, the anger, the despair of not being able to change the world. And yet, life goes on, all the wars come to an end, the sun rises again, enlightening a dark world, waiting for the next big wave. Is it really all we can do? Our human bodies stay alive for a short period of time; however, Arts can help to carry on the message for the future generations. This piece intends to be a reflection on this subject because thoughts can help to trigger the change. At the same time, this piece is a reflection of the current era, on which we live and where it was written. Nevertheless, the core of the question lies in its timeless message.

Most of the solo pieces for horn tend to be too demanding, including an extended range or a multiplicity of extended techniques, that make them difficult or even impossible for students to play. This piece was composed having in mind a broad spectrum of performers and thought to be played by students and amateurs. It also includes musical content and integrity to honor the professional hornists. This is truly a compositional challenge. Being a horn player myself, I thought on the horn and all its wonderful possibilities to make a great sound with the least effort.

Although this piece can be played on a single F horn, I recommend it to be played on a double horn, for which I included some fingering suggestions. All finger trills present the same easy fingerings. The stopped notes were written on a very peculiar range that, if played open on Bb horn, present the same fingering as stopped on F horn (it is like having a horn with stopping valve).