Published in May 2020 at the Online Music Sales (International Horn Society)

This piece is dedicated to the ARTAVE (Escola Profissional Artística do Vale do Ave) in Portugal) it was composed for the 22º Curso Internacional de Técnica e Aperfeiçoamento Instrumental  (2020) and premiered by the participants of these horn courses. In this piece were intentional included parts with different difficulty levels, in order to allow it to be presented by a group ou students from different levels. Parts 6 & 7 present in the beginning and at the end of the piece a theme in F mixolydian within one octave range that can be performed by beginners. The middle section of those parts becomes more rhythmically challenging, however within a comfortable range. The other parts are more challenging, however they can be played by good intermediate level students. It was written having in mind mostly Bb horn fingerings, as the sonorities are clearly inspired by the notes of the Bb horn overtone series.