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I'm pleased to announce that my 15 Low Horn Etudes published in 2014 by Phoenix Music Publications, were internationally recognised, with an Honorable Mention at the "Virtuoso Composition Division" in the 2014 Composition Contest of the International Horn Society.

In this composition contest were presented 59 pieces from 13 nations, in two divisions, 2 pieces were awarded with a cash prizes and 3 pieces were recognised with honourable mentions.


My article on "Practicing During School Breaks" was published on this month issue of "The Horn Call" Journal of the International Horn Society.

The full article can be read at "The Horn Call", Journal of the International Horn Society, Volume XLV, No. 2, February 2015, p.45-46 or if you are a IHS member, can also  be read online.
These is also a text only version that can be read at