The word "horn" how it is written and spoked around the word. If your native language is missing, please contribute with this project.


Albanian - Korn

Arabic - هورن 

Armenian - Վալդհորն

Azbairjan - valtorna

Basque - Tronpa

Belarusian - Валторна (valtorny)

Nowadays technology has a big presence and impact in out lives, why don't we make it useful for the music?

So... here are some of my favorite music apps for Android, iOS, Mac and Windows

The embouchure and body endurance of a horn player are  directly proportional to the quantity of energy available and tthe way of playing. It a process that can be compared to a car… 

How to drive longer distances faster and increase your fuel economy at the same time?  

Articulations on the horn might be confusing because sometimes the rhythm given by the articulations differs from the rhythm given by the notes. There are some scores with simple pattern slurs, but sometimes also alternating longer and shorter phrases...

Singing is the easiest way to understand articulations and, depending on the situation. I usually do three different exercises for practicing articulations on the horn.

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We play with a relatively small mouthpiece on the horn, on a considerable wide range! Usually horn players push the jaw forward for the low range. There is one exercise I like to do for practicing the jaw movement by alternating 2 overtone series.

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