Thinking on those situations were students don't have access to a pianist, I created play along versions of many of the pieces I wrote. In this page I include also click tracks for chamber and ensemble pieces, allowing people to practice at home with click track, record them and exchange recordings. I will update this page as I add more play along versions.

In 2018 some works by Ricardo Matosinhos will be present as repertoire in music competitions:

A few months ago, I was in contact with Emma Gregan from Australia, asking her to write a piece for my PhD research. By then I didn't even dreamed I would meet her in the USA. She wrote me "Red-Couloured Glasses" for horn and piano and in return I wrote her "Song for Emma" also for horn and piano. Is is incredible how the world can be so huge and small at the same time! You just need to use your imagination, strech your arms, to make art happen on the other side on the world ;)
I'm looking forward to hear the results of this project

In September 2017, I did a quick tour trought the USA in the states of Minnesota and Iowa.
First I went to Iowa City, to do a Lecture/Recital at the University of Iowa as a guest from professor Jeffrey Agrell. I had a realy great time, geting to know Jeffrey Agrell in person and all his creativity. It was also also interesting to finally meet Courtney Miller, the Oboe player that comissioned the piece Os Contos do Oboé, for oboe and piano, listening the takes from the upcoming CD. In this recital played some of my music, including the US premiere of the 7 Horn Duos with Komsun D., an amazing player from Thailand. Other pieces included Reflections, and some of my 15 Low Horn Etudes12 Jazzy Etudes and 13 (un)Lucky Etudes for Horn.

Next I drove back north to Mineappolis and Saint Paul, to my main reason to visit the USA, attening the rehearsals and premiere my piece B(h)ORN T’WIN, op.72 for horn ensemble that received the 1st prize at the composition competition oprganized by the Twin Cities Horn Club. In this trip I get to know different places including the Boom Island Brewing owned by a horn player, with fantastic belgian inspired beers!
The TCHC is a very dynamic group, and the organization of the event was fantastic, and inspiring for sure that let me think about having something like this group in Portugal, that something definitevely to think about it...
In this trip, I had to opportunity to discuss some ideas with Emma Gregan from Australia, about a new piece for horn and piano I'm writting for her, soon there will be more information about it...